IG pannel 2020

IG Pannel 2020

  • Why we want Instagram followers and likes and comments...? 
   There might a few reasons for that: they want to brag and feel popular, they are able to make real money with their profiles if they have a certain amount of followers. But unfortunately, while chasing all those numbers ppl often turn to bots and paying for fake followers, which is very damaging for their profiles. You can easily see that if you just check a profile you’re suspicious about with Hype Auditor, if they have many fake followers their AQS drops drastically and then it’s only a number.
More Followers Means More Reach
There are paid media solutions, of course, but you can still reach and engage with a good portion of your audience without having to spend any dollars. As such, the higher the number of followers you have, the higher the likelihood of them seeing and engaging with your content. 
  • How to get free Instagram followers.
 The website which I am giving  is very useful to get Instagram followers so follow the steps. 

Step 1.

Click on the button given below... 👇
Click here 

After clicking the link you will come to this page 👇

Click on register...!! 

Step 2.

Click on submit after submission of all ur details.... 

Step 3.

Click on verify 

Put the code which you will get on your email 📧 and click on submit



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Click the button below ⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇


Step 4.

Click on the menu option as shown... 

Click on earn coins.... 

Choose the way u want to earn coins.. 
I am choosing to subscribe  YouTube channels and earn coins... As shown down👇

In this way click on YouTube subscribes

Click on the subscribe button as shown... 

You will get points in this way .... 

After collecting some points  follow next step. 

Step 4.

Clivk on Add and manage Task.... 

You can choose any thing but this blog is for Instagram followers so I am clicking on insta followers...... 

Add your Instagram URL and then click on add url option and you will see the results... 


This website is very useful pls try it. 


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If you have any doubt pls feel free to ask.
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