If a RC boat will get in to the water what will happen?

 If a RC boat will get in to the water what will happen? 

The safest and easiest way to retrieve an RC boat is by having another remote-controlled boat on hand, which usually tends to be heavier than the stranded boat. There are several ways to use a spare boat to recover a stranded one.

The “string and ball” method involves outfitting a ball with a string. Tie the string to your recovery boat and hold the other end of the string in your hand. Be sure the ball is a couple feet away from the end of the string tied to the recovery boat.

Hold the other end of the string and drive the spare boat out to the stranded RC boat. Make a few circles around it until the ball hits the RC boat and latches on to it. Then bring your boat slowly back to shore.

Another common way is by using a fishing rod. Tie the fishing line to the back of the recovery boat and drive it to the stranded boat. Circle the boat 75% of the way and start reeling it in. The boats will eventually clash as you pull them in and the fishing line gets caught on the rudder or prop of the boat. If the boat is upside down, then the line usually catches on the antenna. You will need a lot of reel in order to do this.

Finally, there is the magnet method. Before putting your RC boat in the water, add an S magnet to the back of it. If it gets stuck, then attach an N magnet to the front of the recovery boat. Drive the spare boat to your stranded boat and have the magnets connect. Then the recovery boat can push the stranded boat back to you.

These are a few ways of recovering a stranded RC boat. There are a lot more out there. Be as creative as you want with it. To learn more about remote-controlled boats, check out the website at www.rcboatguide.com. Have a safe and fun time driving your RC boat!

Summer is quickly approaching and the time for remote-controlled boating is arriving. RC boating is a hobby enjoyed by many people of all ages, ranging from kids to the elderly. Unfortunately, sometimes remote-controlled boats can get stuck in the water. Depending on the RC boat, sometimes the battery dies, or it runs out of gas or it even flips over.

I want to explain how to safely retrieve a remote-controlled boat. A dangerous assumption is that one way to retrieve it is by swimming after it. Unfortunately, many people have drowned trying to do this, like the case at Grass Valley Lake, which was reported by this newspaper three years ago. As a huge remote-control enthusiast, it pains me to see these incidents, which occur way too often. Here are some non-dangerous ways to retrieve your boat without putting your life at risk.

None of these other answers seem like they have much experience with rc boats.

Yes if the voltage is the same the electrical system will handle the bigger battery. BUT and its a big but, you have increased the weight by a long way. This will move the center of gravity in the boat. This will either cause it to porpoise (where the bow bounces up and down) or struggle to get up on a plane (plowing through the water). This will cause the motor to to have a higher amp draw, which your esc may not handle.

To do this safely in regards to the electrical system i would suggest running a smaller pitch prop to start. You will loose a little speed but you will be able to monitor temps and see how it handles the heavier battery, and if everything is running fine then go back to the original prop.

RC boats can be like the real thing. Once you start modifying things it just keeps costing money, especially electric.

Some people like to use sailboat models for RC boating. Boat models can be powered by gas or steam engines, electric motors, glow engines, or wind. Boats may be made out of molded plastic, fiberglass, or wood. If you make your own model out of wood, assembling the hull of the boat will be the most complicated part of the process, as the various pieces need to fit together perfectly. The hull must be watertight for the boat to float, and you’ll need to apply a barrier over the wood to help keep water out.

Racing model boats is becoming increasingly popular. Race boats may be tunnel hulls, deep V’s, or hydroplanes. These boats fall into different classifications depending on the shape of the hull. Some hulls are flat on the bottom, taking up a smaller surface area in the water. Hydroplane boats sit on two sponsons and the center of the hull. Tunnel hulls sit on two longer sponsons without resting on a center point of the hull. Deep V’s have hulls that are V-shaped, enabling them to cut through the water even in choppy conditions. Some prefer to focus on sailing and racing sailboats, which are wind-powered just as their full-size counterparts are. The radio controls of sailboats adjust the sails and the rudder to steer the boat.

Anyone wishing to explore RC boating might begin with the purchase of an inexpensive remote-controlled boat that is ready for the water instead of purchasing a kit to make your own boat. By starting with a ready-made boat, you can determine whether you enjoy the hobby before you spend much time building. Try to purchase your first boat from a local retailer, which will enable you to get support and help with additional parts and components you may need if necessary. Once you have success with your first outings with the ready-made model, you may be ready to proceed with building your own boat. If possible, purchase a kit instead of assembling the components from scratch. For a beginner, the best source of power for an RC boat would be either electric or wind power for a sailboat. Electric-powered boats are usually just plug-and-play with little tuning or adjustments necessary. These boats tend to be reliable and relatively low in price. Remote-controlled sailboats are very simple, easy to maintain, and quite reliable.

Joining an RC club or group can be advantageous for anyone engaging in the hobby, particularly beginners. Clubs can help novices learn more about the hobby, offering support and mentoring as you choose a first ready-made model. Clubs can also assist members when it’s time to purchase a kit to build a model boat. Clubs also provide information about where to find local bodies of water for boating and racing.

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